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2013 Cotton for a New Age- Part III

A Class Project

Students in Charles Freeman's merchandising and promotion strategies class were responsible for planning everything related to the fashion show. The students chose a futuristic theme related to fashion, so they came up with the name of "The New Age Traveler." Students broke off into groups for specific tasks for the show. There was a marketing team, public relations team, etc.

Show Time

After all of their hard work, it was finally show time! The New Age Traveler show was held on December 3, 2013. Design and merchandising students showed off their amazing projects for faculty, staff, students, and locals in the community. All photo credit goes to Blake McCollum Photography.
Students created the programs for the show, which included advertisements from their sponsors around town. Many local stores and boutiques offered coupons and freebies for the gift bags. 

The decorations and food were even "cotton inspired." 

The Design Portion

                                               Jacket and pants designed by Rachel Buchanan

 Reversible skirt designed by Maegan Bedells

Shirt designed by Laynee Graham

Skirt designed by Jasmine Rilen

Design by Amelia Williams

Scarf designed by Paisley Hamilton

Skirt designed by Caroline Wilson

Paints designed by Brittany Sullivan

Vest designed by Claire Johnston

Shirt designed by Jessica Watts

Cape coat designed by Sarah Ashley Bealor

Paint suit designed by La'Kia Carter

Rain jacket designed by Kayla White

Cape coat designed by Taylor Howell

Dress designed by Brittany Sullivan

Dress designed by Rachel Armbruster

Jacket designed by Rachel Buchanan

Jacket designed by Storey Wilson

Scarf and skirt designed by Storey Wilson

Merchandising Competition 

All of the merchandising boards were on display so guests could view them before and after the fashion show. 

The Winners

Design Winners: 
Grand Prize: Cat Wilson (Maroon Skirt)
First Place: Storey Wilson (Black & Violet Cardigan)
Second Place: Claire Johnston (Quilted Vest)

Grand Prize Winner: Cat Wilson

1st Place: Storey Wilson

Second place: Claire Johnston

Honorable Mentions:
Rachel Armbruster (Little Black Travel Dress)
Amelia Williams (Flared Vest)
Storey Wilson (Swing Skirt)

Rachel Armbruster 

Amelia Williams

Storey Wilson 

Merchandising Winners: 
Overall Winner: Kiki Yang
1st place: Kayla White
2nd place (tied): Brittany Henderson and Hannah Reynolds

Overall winner: Kiki Yang

1st place: Kayla White

2nd place (tied)- Brittany Henderson

2nd place (tied)- Hannah Reynolds

The show was an amazing success! A large crowd came to the show to support all of the ATM students. Mississippi State University would like to thank Cotton Incorporated, The Cotton Board, MSU Extension Services, and Jordan Planting Company for all of their support to make this show possible. ATM students hope to participate in other cotton related projects in the near future. 

Projects On Display 

All of the projects were on display in the Colvard Student Union on Mississippi State's campus from February 3rd-14th, 2014. It was exciting to see the whole cotton project come full circle and be recognized by all MSU faculty, staff, students, and visitors. MSU again sends its thanks to everyone who made this whole process possible!

Blog post by: Hannah Reynolds

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